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Allergy-related resources for your practice

RHINOCORT® Allergy Spray knows what a nose needs—and it’s more than treatment alone. Education is an integral part of total allergy management, which can help your patients end the frustration of nasal allergy symptoms.

RHINOCORT® Sinus Allergy Pro App

Sinus allergy app for your patient consultations*

Patient education—at your fingertips!

ZYRTEC® SINUS ALLERGY PRO® is an app* to help you counsel patients about allergies. It provides you with an engaging way to help patients better understand allergies, what may cause their symptoms, and what they can do—beyond therapy—to relieve their allergy symptoms.

* Standard data rates apply.
RHINOCORT® Sinus Allergy Pro App

Or launch a Web version here.

Sinus Allergy Pro Interactive Diagram Screenshot

An interactive diagram to help your patients better understand the paranasal sinuses. Just tap on the area(s) you want to focus on and a more detailed description will appear.

MOA Video Screenshot Indoor Outdoor Allergens

A short video to explain how the body reacts to common indoor and outdoor allergens.

Season and Perennial Allergens Diagram Screenshot

An introduction to seasonal and perennial allergens to help your patients understand where and when they are likely to develop allergy symptoms.

Available for download on your desktop or tablet via App Store® or Google Play™

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ALLERGYCAST® APP for your patients

Help patients chart their allergy history to offer additional support during consultations

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Step-by-step administration instructions

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Other allergy-related resources