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ZYRTEC® ALLERGYCAST® app*—weather and pollen forecasts on the go

With ALLERGYCAST®, your patients can track and record their symptoms and print their results to share with you during future visits.

This downloadable app features:

  • Daily Allergy Impact and pollen count
  • Current, hourly, and 10-day weather forecasts, plus 4-day allergy forecasts
  • Symptom tracker to log how they're feeling
  • Notifications to alert patients when pollen is high
  • Even shows how pollen is affecting other allergy sufferers in the area

Available for iPhone® and Android™.

* Standard data rates apply.
The information contained in the Allergy Forecast is provided by third parties for information purposes only, and does not represent a guarantee of accuracy or an endorsement, direct or implied, by McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

Patient Allergy Guide

MY ALLERGY GUIDE for your patients

Give your patients 24/7 assistance with the MY ALLERGY GUIDE Brochure. It provides valuable information on allergy management, including tips to help relieve symptoms.

Also available in Spanish. Download here

Additional Spanish language information can also be found by visiting ESPANOL.ZYRTEC.COM.

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Patient Allergy Guide