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Matt, 32

Male in his early 30's
Pediatric Patient/SAR Looking for Gentle Relief/PAR Prior Rx Patient/PAR Newly Diagnosed/SAR


Looking for allergy relief that is gentle on the nose

  • While in his 30s, was referred to an allergist, then diagnosed with PAR
  • Most bothersome symptoms are nasal itching and congestion—usually intensified around the family cat
  • Is looking for a recommendation that provides effective relief, but is also gentle on the nose

Right for RHINOCORT®

  • Proven effective relief of nasal allergy symptoms
  • Scent-, alcohol-, and BKC-free
  • Lower volume of spray per actuation compared to Flonase® Allergy Relief, ClariSpray™ Nasal Allergy, and Nasacort® Allergy 24HR1


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